INKER Induction built in 2012 is a professional company which focuses on technical consultation, manufacture, sales and after-sales service of induction heating system. We dedicate ourselves to supply the full solution of induction heating system with high frequency and medium frequency unit for our customers in almost all industries applications. The power is from 10 to 80 KW and the frequency is medium frequency from 4 to 50KHz and high frequency from 75~450KHz of the induction heating generator.

  Under the theory of business of "excellent quality and pursuit of perfection", We supply the the IGBT induction generator, induction brazing machine, straightening steel unit, pre-heating/heat treatment machine, induction hardening mould&die machine, etc. At the same time, we also supply the accessories of coils and renting business. These Products are widely used in aerospace, automobile, shipbuilding, electric power, engineering machinery, solar energy, and other industries.

  With the development of business, we sale the German laser machines with Nd YAG and Fiber laser generators for laser hardening in automotive mould&die, laser welding and cutting, Powder deposit welding machines to fulfil the Chinese customers.

  Xiamen Inker owns a professional technical team for design and process development, which can supply you a good solution for your working task. It is welcomed by most of customers due to the stable, reliable, high- efficient and good quality solution. This also moves Inker company forward continuously.